Plus size model promoting swimsuit

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Plus size model, 178 cm tall, weighs about 70kg, Jennie Runk ever envied lot slim girl is holding her boyfriend sitting on the shoulder.

Plus size models cause fever when promoting swimsuit

Curriculum vitae:
Full Name: Jennie Runk
Date of Birth: 13/06/1989
Horoscope: Gemini
Place of Birth: US
Height: 178 cm
Measurements: 102-84-114
Clothes Size: 14-16 (American Standard, or 65-70 kg)

Villages which form the modern world exist two opposing trends. While the straight size models (standard) model pursued “his bones crane tomorrow”, the plus size (oversize) are familiar phrase when referring to the long-legged body possesses rounded physique and beyond normal clothing size.

Plus size models cause fever when promoting swimsuit
“Land” for the plus size model began to be explored by the designer Jean-Paul Gaultier and John Galliano in the campaign to promote his costume in spring 2006. Although the number of long-legged “chubby chubby “significantly increased gradually thereafter, but this world is still the fashion world” mainstream “judge is the bad example for weight control does not affect health.

Fashion world once again “waves” when H & M fashion choices plus size model Jennie Runk do face to stream their latest swimsuit. From infamous names in the industry, long legs have become the focus of attention when she sent an open letter published on the BBC. These words from the heart of the young girl quickly are spread in newspapers and magazines then, became the inspiration for many women who are confident about their bodies.

Plus size models cause fever when promoting swimsuit

Jennie Runk swallowing nà with bikini beautiful warm colors

“I do not think advertising campaign your swimsuit public was interested in that. I myself who was discreet, just like reading, playing games and love cats awfully alone. Therefore, the agency overwhelming interest from the public in recent years was a surprise ‘odd’ to me. I feel weird when people keep talking about his disorder bikini on how really to myself because I did not care”.
However, Jennie Runk really “shocked” when her page on Facebook Fanpage More than 2,000 people like less than 24 hours, she decided to seize this opportunity to help the world become a greater good by supporting people confidence in yourself, especially when Jennie herself also received a lot of encouragement from the fans.

Plus size models cause fever when promoting swimsuit

Inferiority feet long each has no less than to the gym that day to watch the girl with her slimmer body

Some people said that thanks to the inspiration from her transmissions plus size models that they have the courage to wear a bikini for the first time during the last several years. This is what Jennie directed to make every woman feel confident even if their body is not perfect. This message is also extremely important for teenage girls. This is the extremely difficult period for women because they need all the help from the people around.

Plus size models cause fever when promoting swimsuit

When the woman’s body begins to change from the inside as well as look at the people become completely different from before, this time, they undergo the tremendous pressure of having to try to get the look ” standardized “alike. It was a difficult milestone to reach and Jennie ever wish I was only 13 years old. At puberty, with 178 cm height and clothing size 8 US standard (about 10 to 12, according to British standards), she used to envy a lot of girls have sufficient stature to hold her boyfriend sitting on the shoulder.
The workout gym is a nightmare at that time. While wearing shorts slender girl, I have to wear pants to cover your long thighs to their waists in. Even the pants are too short for the long episode to me by high despite larger physique normal adult but I still buy clothes in place for less than a teenage kid, “Jennie said.

There was a time, long-legged people had been teased by thick curly hair, braces and glasses pair beige trimmed with the cord. Above all else in girls Jennie always clumsy, so to say, in a way that her childhood is associated with the phrase ‘quirky’.

Plus size models cause fever when promoting swimsuit

Jennie Runk that owning big body than normal is totally natural beauty, there’s nothing to be ashamed of it

Who “survive” hard times after that, Jennie feel a responsibility to show the other girls that their acceptance of difference is entirely acceptable. “You will grow up and beyond the odd period a most spectacular way. Always be yourself, stop worrying about their own thighs because really we had no problems at all,” she said.
Jennie herself had never thought to be a model before it was discovered when she was doing volunteer work at Petsmart.
Plus size models cause fever when promoting swimsuit

At that time, people gave her two options, one is to lose weight and keep in shape for the standard size 4 US (equivalent to 6 to 8 according to the British Standard), the other is to gain weight to fit into size 10 clothes ( British standard is 12 to 14) and then pursuing plus size modeling career. Knowing that your body never achieve to size 4 should Jennie chose the remaining
People often think of old clothes with the word ‘plus size’ means that you are fat, or in other words is bad. That’s absurd inference because a lot of women wearing plus size body still US average standard. Even I myself never thought of wearing the same clothes that look better this size there is the size”, wrote feet long.

Plus size models cause fever when promoting swimsuit

Long legs bad looks beautiful mind of clothing is not affected by the size

Jennie said that despite the separation of female customers together through clothing sizes seem homophobic, but the fashion company to do so in order to cater to the needs, to help people find the exact size clothes suit yourself and your style. The only problem is that people just kept forever prejudice to the labeled sample plus size clothing.

Plus size models cause fever when promoting swimsuit
“Nothing must be terrible when someone possesses the body of an average American woman both, even greater. There are people who wear size 16 (UK standard is 18 to 20) that there extremely healthy body that body.

Not to mention there are a number of negative attitudes to women’s physique. While great being called fat or skinny to be bulky, it is called ‘flavored’. Do not extol the words of a body type at all. We should stop this kind of discrimination. It is not helpful to anybody that this trend is actually becoming old and ” favorite beauties.



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