Dressed secret of fat model

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Dressed secret of fat model Denise Bidot 14 would share the secret to always beautiful 6 and confident despite owning 90 cm waistline.
The rise of the plus-size model, also known as a fat model has created a revolution in the beauty standards. Not with a slim build “thin” size 0 beautiful that even waist sizes 14 to 90 cm and can be beautiful in their own right.

Dressed secret of fat models

Size 14 waist 90cm equivalent can totally beautiful in its own way.

Denise Bidot, face modeling fatty representative of many big brands such as Levi’s, Forever21 Plus, Target Plus, Kohls, Macy’s … share, at an early age she had dreamed of becoming an actor, but never had the intention lose weight to fit the standards of the entertainment super skinny. She is confident with his stout body and always know how to become more attractive despite wearing size 14.
Denise Bidot that curves around the waist is the most charming of women. Her diet and workout accordingly to maintain the curve and good shape. Here are 6 things Denise Bidot “memorized” for looking good and confident.

Dressed secret of fat models

According to fat model Denise Bidot diet and exercise to maintain the curve in the waist, to the point where she is the sexiest woman in.

1. Walking faster than normal. Walking is a great way to create curves in the waist. Instead of walking slowly, you should accelerate to burn twice as many calories.
2. Tap bending and twisting movements of people. Two hands on hips, bent down low and then straight up, turned sideways. This action directly impacts on the waistline and help mobilize the body more flexible.
3. Breathing exercises help promote digestion. Took a deep breath, hold your breath for 10 seconds, then slowly exhale. Regular breathing exercises will help speed up the process of metabolism, energy burned.
4. Yoga warrior pose. Inhale, step one leg forward, coinciding knee 90 degrees, then straighten your legs, stretching her arms high overhead. Exhale, return to the starting position and then switch legs.

Dressed secret of fat models

Look very slow to eat less and no longer.

5. Eat less by chewing slowly. Every piece of food just chews them for 20 seconds. You will feel full faster than normal.
6. If you crave a certain food, do not force me to forget to drink water or with the covetous, just eat them, but only half rations. Let’s just eat half the cake, drink a half glass of cola or eat half the pizza.


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